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Riverside Road (Jalan Laksamana)

On the far right is where the Malacca High School was first located, is has since been demolished and presently stands the Youth Museum. The buildings next to it are also gone which now stands the Asia Life building.


The Old Pier

There used to be a jetty and later a pier just opposite the People's Museum (formerly the Municipal Council building). It was 200 feet long and was built in the 1880's. Due to heavy silting of the river mouth it was later demolished in the early 1930's to make way for land reclamation (Padang Pahlawan)


In the background is the Dunlop's Bastion House and notice how close is the main road (Jalan Parameswara) to the sea. It used to be a favorite spot for the town folks to relax and enjoy the cool and fresh sea breeze


 Bandar Hilir Beach

Picture taken at the turn of the 20th century. On the right is the Saint Francis Institution which has yet to be build.


 Water Front 1900's

A view of the Malacca river mouth in the early 1900s before it was reclaimed. The canon and the tree can still be seen until today which is located in front of the People's Muzium(formerly the Malacca Municapal Building)


 St Paul's Church

Today the Dutch gravestones are placed upright against the wall of the church compared to this picture taken in 1890.


St. Francis Institution

An aerial view of Saint Francis Institution in the late 1960's. On the left is the Bandar Hilir English School where the buildings near the walls are now replaced with multiple stories classrooms. On the right is the former government Rest House.


View from the top of St. Paul's Hill

A bird eye view of Coronation Park late 1930's, on the top middle left is the Portuguese City Cross where it is also known as St Francis Xavier rock. On the top left of picture land reclamation work is on going.


Chan Koon Cheng Bridge

This iron bridge was build in 1906 and in 1963 it was rebuild with a concrete one. The bridge was name after a prominent businessman and there is a road name after him. In the background is the twin towers of St Francis Church.


Government Rest House

Build in 1912 the government rest house was in operation until the middle 1970's. The present site now stands the former Straits Hospital and Equatorial Hotel.


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