The Malay Sultanate Of Malacca

The Malay Sultanate Palace


Malacca, during the fifteenth and sixteenth century, had a society which adhere to certain arrangements and rules, there existed an administrative and political system based on the realities and principles by which these arrangements and rules continue to exist. With the existence of both these spheres, administrative and political, Malacca managed to survive and maintain its identity as a social organization from the time it was founded in the early fifteenth century until the early sixteenth century. This organization existed in Malacca as a kingdom and as an imperial sea-power or empire. Although, the norms of the administrative and political systems that existed should be viewed in the context of the contemporary situation in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and in consonance with the social-cultural and intellectual aspects of that society rather than through the norms and values and way of thinking of the modern day society.


The Early Stages

The Administration

The Political Functions

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